The Reinvention of the Commissioning Consortium
A New Community for Brass Chamber Art Music

Brass Legacy is a portal entirely devoted to Brass Chamber Art Music.

The idea for BL was born out of a need to create a community to educate students, collaborate with professionals, share ideas, and create new materials for Brass Chamber Art Music. In a sense, BL is the reinvention and expansion of the concept of a commissioning consortium. With this new structure, we can create a revolving commissioning program in which single composers will be able to compose multiple works for brass chamber music, thus emulating the long tradition of string quartets and piano trios.

Contemporary ensembles and composers often only have a single opportunity to create a work for brass. We feel that this limited relationship is too restraining, prohibiting the composer from fully exploring the musical and orchestration possibilities that brass chamber music can offer. Furthermore, once a work is conceived, it tends to stay limited to the knowledge of far too few. Our goal is to establish an innovative format for this new vision of consortium collaboration in which new works will be accessible to students and professionals all over the nation. We look forward to embarking on this ambitious journey with you. Together, we can create a legacy for brass chamber music that will continue to further our genre, establishing it as one of the most prominent forms of chamber music. However, to make this a successful reality, we need your support, be it as subscriber, contributor, institution, or ensemble.

Dorival Puccini – Founder/Chief Editor

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