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The Vision

The following are some of the most important goals of Brass Legacy:

  • Commission four new works/transcriptions from both well-established writers and rising stars in the composition/transcribing community every year.

  • Distribute all commissioned works to every BL subscribing music library. Ensemble subscribers will also have access to digital, downloadable versions of new commissions, and individual subscribers will be able to download one per subscription year.

  • Publish a quarterly digital magazine with articles by and interviews with the world’s leading composers and brass chamber musicians, creating an ever-expanding community of like-minded individuals who are excited about expanding the repertoire and creating awareness and opportunity for brass chamber art music.

Coming soon…

  • Organize and sponsor the recording of new and standard works from the Brass Chamber Art Music repertoire performed by leading interpreters of our time.

  • Distribute sponsored recordings to libraries around the country (and eventually abroad) in an effort to promote Brass Chamber Art Music and to make it accessible to everyone. Recordings will also be available to be streamed and downloaded on the BL website.

  • Organize and promote the streaming of selected live concerts featuring leading brass chamber ensembles.

As we continue to grow Brass Legacy’s revolving consortium and publications, we hope the future of Brass Legacy will include:

  • Developing and promoting online pedagogical materials to further the understanding of compositional techniques for brass instruments.

  • Designing and sponsoring educational concerts and clinics for students of all ages.

  • Organizing chamber music conferences to promote the exchange of knowledge and ideas as well as to feature chamber music performances by some of the leading ensembles and performers in the field.

  • Organizing and promoting brass chamber music competitions.

  • Organizing and promoting brass chamber music composition contests.

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